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Founded in 1923 as Littlewoods Football Pools, Littlewoods Gaming now offers a wide portfolio of gaming and betting products to the mass market. Products are available on interactive television, internet, telephone, retail outlets and via our nationwide team of Pools Collectors.

The Littlewoods Gaming portfolio of products includes: football pools and football games, betting, littlewoods casino and littlewoods poker and entertainment games. Products are branded, Littlewoods Football Pools, Littlewoods Casino and Poker, Littlewoods Bet Direct and Littlewoods Game On.

Littlewoods Bet Direct is one of the most popular online betting sites around, with over 2 million bets placed every week!
Littlewoods cover a wide range of sports including: American Football, Boxing, Cricket, Football (English and European Leagues), Golf, Horse Racing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Tennis, and more.

Littlewoods Gaming is owned by Sportech PLC, which has a full listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Littlewoods Gaming is a member of the following industry bodies:

  • The Pools Promoters Association
  • BISL (Business in Sport and Leisure)
  • RGA (Remote Gambling Association)
  • ABB (Association of British Bookmakers)

Littlewoods Poker

Click here to play Littlewoods Online Poker - Poker comes to life as players put their skills to the test and challenge hundreds of real players from around the world. Littlewoods Poker offers Texas Hold Em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha High/Low Poker games. Players can choose to play for pay, or practice their skills for fun at over 70 tables with a wide range of stake levels. Players can also participate in daily tournaments to win cash prizes.











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